Personalization and Recommendations

For All Streaming Platforms

  • Humanized content recommendations, like those of a trusted friend
  • Transparent personalization for your customers
  • Enhanced catalog exploration and content discovery

Take your streaming platform to the next level!

Personalization & Recommendations

For All Streaming Platforms

  • Humanized Content Recommendations, like those of a trusted friend
  • Transparent personalization for your customers
  • Enhanced catalog exploration and content discovery

Take your streaming platform to the next level!

1 Million
1 Million
Users per month
0 Billion
Recommendations per month

Open the Dialogue With the Algorithm

  • Powerful Data Visualization
  • Meaningful Recommendations
  • Transparent Results
  • Fully Controllable

With over 71% of online consumers demanding personalization, recommendation algorithms are a must-have for OTT platforms. 

We commit ourselves to developing a highly performing content-filtering system, so you can offer your customers the best viewing experience. We are experts in semantic metadata enrichment, and are unique in the industry. So turn to us – we’ll help you reduce churn and increase engagement!

Empower your Teams


Build knowledge on content and users to serve relevant & dynamic curation


Intuitive, personalized and dialogue-driven experiences


Business Intelligence through users’ tastes and interests


Integrate recommendation seamlessly with the most simple API

Customer Stories

SVOD platforms need recommender systems

The collaboration with Spideo began in 2016, with an aligned vision. The business model was made on the basis of the growth of the ADN platform, which perfectly scaled with their needs throughout the years.

Explanations matter as much as Recommendations

With MyCanal, Canal+ engages customers and builds user loyalty by bringing together all video platforms into one coherent premium experience.

Recommendation is the new Customer Relationship

Televisa launches Blim in order to retain subscribers with exclusive Spanish speaking content on its own On-Demand platform.

sky gray

Avoiding seasonal churn with a 2-week integration

SVOD and OTT services experience the risk of churn due to seasonality. How can accurate and relevant recommendations help them in delivering the right content and avoid churn in such a context?

Seamless User Experience

Full Personalization

  • Higher Engagement
  • Accurate Recommendations
  • User Friendly UI
  • Humanized Interactions

Create business rules to improve performance.

The Faces Behind Recommendations

The Faces Behind Recommendations

  • Jordan Godefroy

    VP Content & Data
  • Farah Kraled

    Product Designer

  • Clément Charasson

    Senior Developer

  • Paulo Henrique

    Head of Delivery and Operations

  • Julien Deflesselle


  • Cécile Grabit

    Product Owner

  • Maguelonne Harang

    Quality Assurance Editor

  • Myrtille Vandemeulebrouck

    Software Architect

  • Loubna Benjaafar


  • Amanda Batista

    Content Analyst

  • Edith Esclapes

    Office Manager
  • Clément Charasson

    Senior Developer

  • Thibault D’Orso

    COO and Co-founder

  • Cécile Grabit

    Product Owner

  • Jean Cayre

    Content Analyst

  • Youssef Kitane

    Analytics Engineer

  • Paul Noferi

    Tech Lead
  • Jérôme Benac

    Customer Success Manager

  • Tom Borel

    Senior Developer

  • Julien Deflesselle


  • Khouloud Sahli

    Senior Developer

  • Thierry Tomegah

    Junior DevOps

  • Gabriel Mandelbaum

    CEO and Co-founder

  • Juliette Ducru

    Content Analyst
  • Alexis Augusto

    Content Analyst

  • Jade Ventard

    Content Analyst

  • Jérôme Saint-Clair

    Quality Assurance Engineer

  • Paul Renet

    Product Owner

  • Michel Capot

    R&D Data Scientist

  • François Martin

    Senior Content Analyst

  • Serge Nogues

    VP API Product

  • Giovanna Alvarez

    Content Analyst

  • Bryant Lotaut


  • Viviane Jordan

    HR Manager
  • Théo Paillusson

    Business Affairs

  • Chakib Khaldi

    Junior Developer

  • Cosmin Illes

    Head of Product Marketing

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