You Can Have Tools that Will Monitor Your Performance

Can you answer yes to all these questions?

  • Are you able to create a strategy for your content?
  • Can you understand the impact of your content strategy?
  • And can you change your content strategy to reach better results?

It is when you work on a strategy for your content that your business will most benefit from your recommender system.

By monitoring content and usage, you will be able to:

  • decide how recommendations are displayed;
  • specify which content pieces best articulate with your strategy; and
  • understand the impact of your strategy on your customers.

We provide API endpoints and dedicated data visualization tools for you to access and monitor the data processed from your recommender system and all the associated indicators.

Are you ready to find our analytic tools?

What Is the Strategy You Are Defining for Your Content?

You will have access to editorial actions when you embed our API directly into your content management system. And you will be able to create business rules.

  • You will handle how recommendations are displayed.
  • You will provide the most appropriate content for each specific device.

What business rules can your strategy define?

  • You will assign different priorities to your content using boost lists. Content pieces added to the whitelist get more visibility. You will drive more users to those pieces.
  • You will exclude some content from your recommendations using ban lists. Content pieces added to the blacklist don’t show as recommendable items. You will prevent access to those pieces.

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Do You Monitor Your Strategy to Increase Performance?

With the analytics dashboard, you will monitor your content performance and your customers’ behavior.

  • You will visualize and automate data collection.
  • You will track relevant key performance indicators (KPI).
  • You will combine content and user metrics with sales and marketing data points.

And with the customer dashboard, you will evaluate the impact of all interactions,  and engagement, and business rules.

It means the more you monitor and react to the results you get, the more you will gain knowledge to adapt your strategy.

By tailoring your procedure, you will be able to optimize your clickthrough rate (CTR) and your conversion rate (CR).

By the end, you are increasing your odds of profiting from your investment in content and recommender technologies.

We provide you with access to monitor your content and customer metrics via our API or through a dedicated interface.

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