Powering engagement combining world class metadata with Advanced Discovery

Gracenote Advanced Discovery is powered by the Spideo Technology in order to provide tailored, relevant movie and TV suggestions that adapt in real-time to viewing tastes.

ClientAltice / SFR

Customer background

Gracenote is the world’s leading entertainment data and technology company. As part of the Nielsen group, they power top music services, consumer electronics companies, automakers, media companies as well as cable and satellite operators all across the globe.

How it began with Spideo

Spideo and Gracenote started working together as Trusted Partners in January 2018. Along with Gracenote, we are aiming to accelerate our partnership strategy in order to bundle high quality metadata offers with extra layers of personalization services. 

Spideo Integration

Multidimensional Content Suggestions

Each program is assigned a unique semantic profile based on key themes and detailed descriptors that dive deeper than the typical genre.

This enables related content suggestions that go beyond standard lists of similar TV shows and movies.

User Semantic Profiles

Semantic profiles are created for each viewer according to their TV and movie preferences. These profiles become richer and more precise at each interaction with the content.

Viewers can receive personalized program recommendations in real-time, taking into account their seasonal interests and up-to-the minute changes in viewing interests and habits.


Highly targeted and personalized recommendations do not always fit users’ needs. Sometimes the context of consumption changes in the household. Sometimes users want to be proposed unexpected suggestions.

Gracenote wanted to find a solution allowing their customers to implement discovery features that helps users exploring content outside their watching habits depending on the prevailing mood of the moment.