Gamified Onboarding

User Onboarding is a quick and easy way to introduce the personalization experience.

The goal of user onboarding is to optimize engagement in the very first steps of accessing content and avoid cold start situations.

Experience Personalization

Movie Battles

Two content items show up on screen, resulting from programmatic or editorialized strategies. After one or several selections users get personalized suggestions which appear in thematic lists, seemingly editorialized using natural language based categories.

Easy to pick

Hot or not?

Following likes, dislikes or next interactions, users can get automatically generated personalized playlists of content to be displayed within a Pandora-like leanback experience or as a slideshow of recommendations.


Surprise me

Users experience automatically generated editorial propositions categorized by clusters of keywords. Suggestions can be fully or partially randomized / personalized. Users just need to click on a button to refresh selections and get new suggestions.