Spideo x Nice People At Work Webinar

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Nice People at Work and Spideo are partnering to provide the market with engagement solutions through data and analytics. By bringing together the highest level of insights for Quality of Experience, User & Content Intelligence, we help video operators counter churn with powerful leverages.
A webinar was given on this topic on June 21st to raise awareness about factors of churn and drivers of retention.
In a nutshell
Signals that can help predict user churn are:
-Quality perceived indicators (buffering ratio, play failures, low bitrates).
-Pricing evolutions 
-Content consumption 
-Frequency of visits
In the On-Demand world, the concept of “viewership” is declining and replaced by “user engagement”. This explains why Psychographic data is becoming so much more important than Demographic data. Psychographics reflect the user’s interests, his or her personality and lifestyle. This is crucial data to build accurate user segments and predict user tastes. Particularly in the media industry where users’ activity is a key component of their social identity.
Three main drivers of retention:
A- Content availability. How structured your catalog is? and how often is it updated?
B- The relevance of advice and recommendation. Does it fit users taste? Can they understand why it’s relevant for them?
C- The accuracy of direct marketing actions. Do you take users’ behaviors and preferences into consideration when pushing personal notifications?
If you missed this webinar, you can get the video recording by sharing your contact details here: