We won the digital innovation award attributed by the French Government!

Spideo’s R&D on the improvement of recommendation and personalization for creative industries is a major part of
our strategy and at the core of our team’s values.
A major part of France’s plan for the development of the digital economy (PIA), the “Concours d’Innovation” by
BPIFrance, awards the most innovative companies in the French technology ecosystem. We are honoured and
proud to be a winner in the category of digital innovation!

We particularly welcome this award as a recognition Spideo’s mission to deliver kind, ethic, transparent
technology to our clients. Understanding the power of natural language in recommender systems and
engaging in data conversation instead of data analysis is at the foundation of our new project to create a
SaaS platform for creative industries.

This award and its prize money will be invested in the development of new products and technology that will
allow us to grow our customer basis while better serving our current base of global clients.

View a list of all the winners here


The Spideo Personalization Platform provides tools for Creative Industries to build Recommendation and
Smart Data around content and users. We care a lot about Data Privacy and Protection. Our features are built
around three core values: Transparency, Trust & Control. One key idea that leads our work: explanations
matter more than recommendations. We reveal the reasoning behind artificial intelligence – using
semantics and natural language – in order to provide trustworthy and personally relevant suggestions.