Multifaceted recommendations

Creative content creates Singular Experiences

Creative content is hard to describe and classify. Every piece of content relates to subjective emotions and multiple facets of potential interests. They create “singular experiences”. For instance, The Matrix, by Lana & Lilly Wachowski, is a science fiction movie with a complex narrative raising philosophical questions about freedom, fascinating special effects, fist fighting and martial art style, forbidden love and romantic situations, and so much more… And even though it is a masterpiece of Hollywood style cinema, if you ask 10 people their opinion about it, you will have 10 different reasons to like it, or dislike it. Making the right match between individuals and creative content is a difficult job that requires expertise.

In a digital world, making the right connections requires specific and high-quality data in order to understand cultural signals. Individuals have unique tastes and preferences. When looking for emotional experiences, people need to make the right choice for themselves, rather than algorithms taking decisions for them.

Multidimensional Suggestions

The Spideo technology connects every content piece to a unique semantic fingerprint based on clusters of weighted and categorized keywords allowing discovery beyond basic genres. Semantic indexation enables dynamic, automated and personalized curation for the exploration of related content across all facets of people’s potential interests.

Keywords are based on natural language to classify our customers’ content. They feed our recommendation algorithms to help video watchers and movie lovers discovering, not just similar content, but also thematic lists of related content pieces sorted by relevant and personalized categories.