Profile Based Recommendation

Profile Based Recommendation

Profile based recommendations feel like in person, real-life experiences.

Profile based shows how combined tastes, moods, and themes change each person’s recommendations. It empowers people to understand, own, and love their recommendations.

Profile based recommendations feel like in person, real-life experiences.

Profile-based shows how combined tastes, moods, and themes change each person’s recommendations. It empowers people to understand, own, and love their recommendations.s.

“Our collaboration has been seamless, from the very fast and easy integration to the end result which already makes a real difference in terms of transformation, engagement and exposure on the platform.”

Profile-based recommendations are about tastes and psychographic data

Recommendations are hard.

They rely on communication. And behind communication, there’s language and semantics. Profile-based uses semantic-based discovery supported on natural language, personal tastes, and social trends.

  • Profile-based recommendations associate meaningful words with interests.
  • They name content titles and show them in one’s preferences.
  • They explain why content is relevant to each person.
  • And they empower everyone to act on their data and learn from behaviors.

Profile-based recommendations are a unique taste-supported system

Personalized recommendations

Provide personalized suggestions based on activity.

Cover multiple depths of personalized recommendation through the “recommended for you” and “thematic playlists” features.
Experiment suggestions like you would be talking to a video store clerk.

User Semantic

Explain recommendations with real-time visual results.

User Semantic Fingerprint™ showcases bubble-like UX for taste-based unique profiles.
Show everyone the reasoning behind their interactions. Grant experiences close to human-like relationships.

Battle Mode

Welcome everyone with gamified experience.

Battle Mode triggers people to state their preferences between two pieces of content.
You’ll become more specific about matching people’s desires.

Explore all the facets of personalized profiles

Recommended for you is completed by Thematic playlists for a full, personalized recommendation experience

  • Personalization manifests through lines of recommendations
  • It is based on identified, user-specific thematics
  • Simple semantics explain why one might appreciate each title
  • Help find further personal recommendations through combinations of moods & keywords identified in each user’s favorite contents.

Use interactions to engage and empower

User Semantic Fingerprint showcases tastes through bubbles of moods and themes.

  • Combined bubbles create a unique profile: a fingerprint. It changes with interactions.
  • The results for each person’s interactions become visual. It shows seasonal interest and changes in content habits.
  • Respectful of data privacy and transparency, recommendations gain everyone’s trust.

Are you ready for a battle?

Battle Mode shows two content items to choose from.

  • You decide if you want to display opposite semantic content pieces.
  • You can handpick content pieces that match your editorial strategy. Or go random.
  • After a few interactions, thematic lists show personalized suggestions.
  • These lists use natural language-based categories.