Bouygues Telecom

Personalized experience in the Android Set-top Box across Linear TV, Catch-up and TVOD services

Bouygues Telecom launched its BBox Miami in 2015 to bring personalized EPG and on demand services in one single user experience.

ClientBouygues Telecom

Customer background

Bouygues Telecom is a French mobile phone, Internet service provider and IPTV company, part of the Bouygues group.

Bouygues Telecom provides its 2 millions Android Set-Top box subscribers with Linear, Catch Up TV, and Transactional Video on Demand services on STB and companion screens.

How it began with Spideo

Bouygues Telecom integrated Spideo for the release of its Android-based STB (B-Box Miami) in January 2015.

This integration was made in partnership with iFeelSmart who provides innovative design interfaces that offer smooth and intuitive access to all content: TV channels, VOD, Replay, Media Center content.

Spideo Integration

Personalized UI & Business Rules

When opening B-Box services users get several types of personalized suggestions instantly.

They have quick access to their favorite shows on linear TV as well as recommended content for discovery on airing, catchup and on demand content. White lists of content are updated on a weekly basis to make the most of business constraints with content editors and popular trends.


Users can browse across free to air and on-demand content by combining mood selections with their remote control on their set-top Box.

This features serves as an alternative for the search, which is not user-friendly when performed with standard remote controls.

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