Canal +

With MyCanal, Canal+ engages customers and builds user loyalty by bringing together all video platforms (S-VOD, T-VOD, Pay-TV) into one coherent premium experience.

ClientCanal +

Customer background

The Canal+ Group is the leading pay-TV company in France and a European leader in the production and distribution of high quality film and TV content. The company belongs to the french multinational mass media conglomerate Vivendi. Canal+ started with a focus on Pay TV with Canal +.

They’ve gradually added new services such as Satellite TV with CanalSat, SVOD with Canalplay and TVOD with Canalplay VOD. Today, they’ve regrouped all their services in one unique offer called MyCanal.


“What was missing was an original and innovative tool that would help users discover content through relevant criteria and get them through to content they would have not thought about at once. With an unlimited SVOD offer as CanalPlay, how can we get the users interested in them?
Spideo brought us an active discovery system, with a fun and relevant user experience able to spontaneously understand people’s interests” 
Jean-Marc Juramie, Canal+ Group VP content and programming, and former Director of CanalPlay.

Spideo Integration

Metadata enrichment

Spideo provides metadata enrichment for all Canal content: Cinema, TV shows, Youth, Documentary and on all catalogs: VOD, SVOD, Live, Replay, Theater releases.
Canal+ increases the discoverability of content in an intuitive way by displaying up to 30 weighted and categorized keywords for every piece of content.

Multi-faceted related content

Every content has many different facets and the reasons to like a piece of content are different from one person to another. Semantically categorized suggestions with a natural language approach enable deeper exploration and intuitive explanations.

Step by step personalized recommendations

Long lists of posters and the multitude of choices can sometimes be overwhelming for users. Canal+ has integrated a more immersive personalized experience, branded as “Suggest”, in which recommended content are shown to users one by one. A line of text, that we call the « guarantee », explains why every recommendation is relevant on the screens of every individual user.