IEEE 5G World Forum

Spideo’s Integration Engineer leads 5G Technology discussion in the Silicon Valley
The 1st 5G World Forum was held in Santa Barbara, California, USA, during the month of July by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the worldwide body responsible for international standardization of all fields of technology. 
During the forum, Paulo Sergio Rufino Henrique, Spideo’s integration engineer, was invited to present his research on “5G Networks and the Deployment of UHD TV with High QoS and QoE”. Paulo, who is an electrical engineer holds a postgraduate degree in telecommunications from Brunel University in England and pioneered the launch of the first UHD (4K) TV channel in the United Kingdom, the BT Sports UHD channel, whilst he was the IPTV Service Ops Manager at BT.
For the IEEE forum, Paulo organized and presented an industrial panel with professionals from across the Media & Broadcasting Industry. With his panelists, he discussed over 2 hours on the importance of 5G Networks and how to sustain the future growth of 4K and 8K UHD TV and Virtual Reality in the next decade. The discussions were targeting an audience of scientists, developers, and innovative tech companies  (like NASA, Google, and Apple) interested in setting the foundations for this novel technology. The 5G data network is due to launch in 2020 and the roadmap for UHD TV is due to be concluded by the end of 2018.
The guest panelists were the Professor José Maria Pereira Lopes, the actor Diogo Sales and the visual artist, filmmaker, and musician Fred Brathwaite, better known as Fab 5 Freddy. Professor José Maria is a journalist and the director of Cinema, Film and TV Restoration Department of TV Cultura in Brazil; he is one of the founders of Brazilian TV and has taught film restoration internationally.  The actor Diogo Sales is a new and talented actor that has appeared amongst other films in Game of Thrones, the American TV series, and Fab 5 Freddy who has a long established career in the music and video industry. Mr. Fab was responsible for establishing the graffiti scene in New York in the 80’s alongside his friends Keith Haring and Jean- Michel Basquiat and also launched the Yo MTV Raps. He was featured last year in Google’s tribute video celebrating hip-hop and Mr. Fab is currently working on launching a Netflix documentary later this year.
Paulo and his panelists were awarded for their contribution to the science community by the IEEE Forum leader Professor Dr.Ajay Rajkumar.
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