TV Cultura and Spideo about Video Archives and Recommendations

On July 17th, TV Cultura,  leading Brazilian Network on educational and creative content, invited Spideo to debate online about how powerful content archives can be when associated with recommendation technologies

Paulo R. Henrique, Lead Integration Engineering at Spideo, and Prof. José Maria Pereira Lopes, Director of TV and Film Restoration at TV Cultura, discussed how the COVID-19 situation has made TV archives a crucial source of content for TV producers and Digital TV operators. 

Panelists have presented:

> The strategy built by TV Cultura in the last decades to preserve its audiovisual archives, which made TV Cultura an international reference for providing relevant content for TV companies and film productions around the world.

> What makes the Spideo technology so unique with advanced semantic algorithms, in order to connect people with content based on moods and emotions.

> The R&D partnership between TV Cultura and Spideo aiming at prizing film and TV archives on the video market

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