New white paper: Personalization is broken

Tristan Harris’  is a former Design Ethicist at Google. He became a world expert on ethical issues in Technology
and founded Time Well Spent, an NGO raising awareness on digital addictions, in 2013.

The statement he made in May at VivaTech created some debate in the Tech & Media industry:

Personalization is broken. If you click on a 9/11 video you’ll get a bunch of videos about conspiracy

theories straight after. How can we improve that?

Thibault d’Orso, co-founder of Spideo, decided to write a white paper on this topic.  He ran an experiment with
the girls of BECOMTECH‘s program #JumpInTech with YouTube’s personalization technology to get feedback. This 
whitepaper explores their findings and solutions to the personalization problem.

Download the whitepaper here:

Personalization is broken – Spideo Oct 2018