Sky avoided seasonal churn with a 2-week integration

After implementing the Spideo solution, Sky reached 12% of Click-Through Rate (CTR) and 44% of Conversion-to-Play Rate on recommended content.
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Spideo at OTT Question Time #53 – France special

This Thursday the 24th of March, at 5 pm CET, don't miss our CEO Gabriel Mandelbaum's intervention in  VOD Professional ‘s OTT Question Time #53 - France special.
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Beyond Stats: Why video recommendation is a semantic equation

“97% of people who have bought a toaster have also bought bread”. We are sure you have read thousands of variations of this phrase while shopping online. You may not be familiar with it but...
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This is Why I Love Recommendations: Semantic-Based Discovery

The secret behind the formula for humanized recommendations is communication. And behind great communication, you have language and semantics.
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