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Discussion on recent Netflix UX initiatives

By the end of 2020, Netflix started testing new User Experience (UX) initiatives. Two of them, in the fields of linear TV and Search by categories, are particularly interesting.
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This is Why I Love Recommendations: Semantic-Based Discovery

The secret behind the formula for humanized recommendations is communication. And behind great communication, you have language and semantics.
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5G and creative industries: much more than a buzzword!

Why would 5G and analog film archives be together in the same phrase? Our very own integration engineer Paulo Henrique together with Prof. Jose Maria Pereira Lopes have studied how we can save these Unesco...
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New white paper: Personalization is broken

Tristan Harris’  is a former Design Ethicist at Google. He became a world expert on ethical issues in Technology and founded Time Well Spent, an NGO raising awareness on digital addictions, in 2013. The statement...
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Data Protection for Recommendation Engines: Obstacle or Opportunity?

As we face a growing climate of mistrust towards the use of personal data, most notably with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and with the GDPR coming into effect in May, Spideo would like to reaffirm its longstanding...
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Why You Shouldn’t Say “Data Scientist” When It’s All About Data Craftsmanship

“Trump’s unexpected election on November 8th 2016 highlighted the perverse results of the echo chamber phenomenon: news coming from social media match what you already believe in and flatter your opinion, leading groups of citizens...
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